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Henna Sooq

100% Plant based Red Raj Henna Hair Dye

100% Plant based Red Raj Henna Hair Dye

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This henna is our most sought out henna powder for not only dyeing your hair but also for it's hair strengthening benefits. 

  • is triple sifted so it easily washes out of your hair
  • helps control dandruff and other scalp ailments
  • best henna powder for stubborn and resistant hair and greys
  • can be used as a protein treatment
  • naturally thickens hair strands and adds shine
  • procured from a specially selected harvest of henna leaves
  • 100% plant based
  • high lawsone (dye) content of 3.29%



- Mix henna with warm to hot distilled water and allow to sit 3-4 hours for dye release.

- Apply onto freshly washed( damp hair strands) and allow to dye your hair for 3-4 hours.

- For henna hair strengthening and protein treatments mix your recipe with henna and leave in the hair for 1-2 hours.

- You can use a heat cap after application

- Rinse out, moisturise, dry and style as usual

-  Store the product in a cool dark place, fridge or freezer.

Ingredients: lawsonia inermis (henna)* organic ingredient

*For external use only.

Quantity: 100 grams
Origin: Rajasthan, India
Crop 2021


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