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Our Holistic Approach

  • In Haitian Creole, Marabou means a beautiful woman who is self-confident. We realize our gift to the world is the creativity we use in our formulation. Mind, Body, and Spirit is the center of our approach while addressing our customer's hair problems. We believe our hair is a projection of our overall health and we invite our customers to foster minor changes in their lifestyles to improve hair growth.  

  • We embrace the gift of natural oils and healing herbs; Mother Nature provides for us. Our products celebrate Organic Haitian Black Castor Oil, a miracle oil famous for its infinite benefits, ranging from anti-inflammatory properties to anti-bacterial, hair strengthening, soothing muscle aches, and stress relief. Our Haitian moms even used it as an oil pack to heal us when we had a fever and headache. 

  • Haitian Black Castor oil when coupled with Indian Ayuverdic herbs can accelerate Hair growth, delay premature graying, strengthen the hair follicles, and reduce excessive shedding. When you buy a bottle of our Haitian Black Castor oil + Wonder Herbs you are not only on way to a full head of healthy hair but also help strengthen the Detroit and Haiti economies.